What to do if you see the Blue Lights

Click on the link to see a short video on what to do when you see the blue lights or hear the sirens.

I also like to stress the importance of not having the radio up to loud listening to your tunes. Firstly if there were any problems starting to develop with the engine like a knocking noise or engine rattle and you had the radio/cd up to loud you may be to late to deal with the problem i.e. switching the engine of and getting it looked at, this alone could save you a lot of time and grieve.

Then there are the emergency and fast response vehicles you may be able to hear them coming before you see them, this could save a possible accident by being more aware and better still vital seconds to there progress. Seconds is all it could take to save lives by allowing them to proceed unhindered. one day it could be for you!!

Drive safely around leighton Buzzard and Dunstable

Parents Beware


Research from the motor insurance bureau suggests that many parents are unknowingly committing motor insurance fraud by ‘fronting’.

Research shows that over 70% of British drivers do not understand what it means to ‘front’ an insurance policy and of those that do, one in five admit to misleading their insurance company and as a result are committing insurance fraud.

Parents that insure a vehicle in their own names to reduce premiums when their son or daughter uses the car the most is one of the most common example of ‘fronting’.

This practice is strictly illegal and in the event of a claim could make the insurance invalid and as a result make any savings on the premium false economy and in fact leave you open to prosecution.

Young drivers have the highest proportion of insurance claims, crashes and fatalities’ on the road and this of course is why premiums are so high.

Over a third of drivers justify ‘fronting’ as being a loophole in the law.

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Driving Instructors and Mobile Phones

Does your driving instructor use his mobile phone while he is teaching you! Does it annoy you because this is your paid time that he is having his conversation in or arranging his teaching diary.

If he does this it should be pointed out that it is illegal and he could get a on the spot fine because he is in charge of you teaching you to drive. How can he do his job properly if he is engaged in a conversation with someone else.

Remember you are paying for HIS time and attention.

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