Automatic or Manual


On our busy stop start traffic laden roads why not choose to drive an automatic, on a fairly short 7 mile journey maybe to work you could be changing gear about 90 + times and when in traffic think about how your left foot will start to ache having to keep working the clutch pedal.
The only difference from a manual car is that there is not a clutch pedal just the gas (Accelerator) and a brake so you only have to push the gas to go and the brake to stop. All other driving skills still apply and need to be mastered but makes the whole learning process a lot easier.
The modern automatic cars are a lot nippier and with the automatic gearbox being computer controlled more versatile and economical than ever before and just think no clutch to wear out with costly replacement.
Learning to drive can be a very daunting task there is so much that needs to be done which you naturally are not used to doing all at once.  Having to use the clutch, brake, gas pedals correctly while selecting the correct gear to be in and deciding if  it’s ok to proceed into a junction or roundabout at the correct speed making sure the car is going in the direction intended checking the mirrors signalling etc
With Learn2Drive you have a choice!
A large percentage of my students that would rather drive a manual car (stick shift) or that are having some difficulty in the early stages choose to start of in my automatic car. After they are more confident and mastered the steering, judging traffic conditions, speeds etc without the added issues involved with controlling the clutch with all the other goings on it is then easier to the move over to my manual car and introduce the clutch and gears. This is a easier transition because they are not having to concentrate so hard on all the other aspects of driving these now come more naturally so getting used to the clutch and gear changes is far easier.
This is another reason why we at Learn2Drive are different and offer a service other driving schools do not in the Leighton Buzzard Dunstable Berkhampstead Hemel Hempstead Tring Aylesbury areas