Afraid of Driving !!!!

Afraid of driving or struggling getting to grips with the clutch and gear changing !!

Then learn in an automatic. This is the way all cars are going with the start of the electric cars (which are all automatic gearboxes) and future electronics all cars will be automatic allowing the oncoming electronics the controlling capabilities required as they will not be able to control the manual cars. So think of the future cut the hassle and go for the automatic?

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Another first time pass and only 2 minors

Well done Amy Walster on passing your driving test today first time on the 13th December 2012 (lucky for some) with such icy conditions and with only 2 minors recorded. Remember be careful and stay safe
If I don’t see you before Christmas for your Motorway session have a Happy Christmas

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Congratulations Ottilia the face says it all

Congratulations to Ottilia Mutangadura on successfully passing your driving test on your first attempt with me today (6th December 2012)
I am so pleased for you because I know how important it was for you and what it now means now you are able to drive! Well Done the smile says it all.

Well done Jon

Congratulations to Jon Miller on passing his driving test today at the first attempt (30th November 2012) and with NO minor faults recorded. So very well done and will look forward to our Motorway Lessons

I Like Making People Happy

Congratulations to Dr Shalini Rajendran on passing your driving test first time with me today 15th November 2012.
Well done now you have your independence and no more buses!