One of my reviews from a student

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As soon as I turned 18 I was learning how to drive, however after 10 lessons with my previous instructor it wasn’t enjoyable and I didn’t feel like I was learning anything. Fast forward 5 years I decided to give it another go, and I’m glad I did. The AA put me through to Geoff Reichel who is an incredible driving instructor. It is clear to see and hear that Geoff is very knowledgeable about driving yet he was able to make things seem so simple.He took his time to know my strength and weakness, and I feel this is what made me progress and pass. I would 100% recommend Geoff to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive.

Another First Time Pass In Leighton Buzzard

Another Great First Time Pass with www.learntodrive.bizĀ 
Well done to Jade Dolan on successfully passing her driving test today 12th Feb 2014 on her first attempt in Leighton Buzzard with 5 Mfs.

Now you can collect your car and drive it home yourself.

Well done Jade and don’t hesitate to call me even for advise.

Another Happy Face From Hemel Hempstead

Congratulations to Carly Tucker from Hemel Hempstead on passing her driving test today (10th Feb 2014) in Leighton Buzzard on her 3rd Attempt
Never had a student cry before the test it’s normally after. Perhaps it’s the best way to go get it out of your system first eased the stress must recommend to anyone else that has as much stress as you this morning.
All things aside very well done you deserve to pass.

The Honest Truth

At Learn2Drive we Support and Teach the Honest Truth

First Time Pass For a Very Nervous Student

Told you it all be ok

Well done and congratulations to Tawney-Mae Found from Wingrave on successfully passing her driving test today (29th January 2014) in Leighton Buzzard on her first attempt and with only 2 minor faults

One of these was for coming back into the test centre to fast just glad it was all over I expect (and it nearly was?)

The other for getting nervous on the bay park at the start of the test, but we know you can normally do it very well !!!

But well done for keeping your nerve One at the start and one at the end can’t be bad.

And remember as with all my students my help and advise does not stop just when you pass

Dunstable Man Gets Independency !!!

Congratulations to Josselin Tucker from Dunstable on sucsessfully passing his driving test today (28th January 2014) in Leighton Buzzard on his 2nd attempt with 5 minor faults

First Time Pass for Allan From Aylesbury

Well done and congratulations to Allan Kargbo from Aylesbury on passing his driving test today (24th January 2014) in Leighton Buzzard on his first attempt.

I am amazed at the 6 minor faults but then with the out of area examiner that was a complete and utter !!!!!!!!! To be honest if he would have failed you I would have put in a complaint especially at his attitude. So well done on keeping your nerve and not letting it phase your more than capable driving ability

Keep it up

Another Pass from Learn2Drive in Leighton Buzzard

Congratulations And well done to Mahalia Omonua from Leighton Buzzard on passing your driving test today 21st January 2013

Another first time pass with Learn2Drive with only 3mf’s (minor faults)

This is what make the job really worthwhile seeing people as happy as you when they pass there driving test

Be careful drive safe remember its the icy season