Should have come to Learn2Drive first

Another consecutive pass for Learn2Drive No Gears

Congratulations to Christopher Shadry on passing his driving test today (20th Aug 2014) in Leighton Buzzard and only 1 driver fault helping to keep Learn2Drive standards high.

Well Done now you can relax ?



Another Consecutive Pass

Well done to Gemma Holt from Dunstable on passing your driving test today on your first attempt in Leighton Buzzard 19th Aug 2014 and only 3 driving faults.

Looking forward to meeting up for our motorway session when your ready


Well Done Laura from Hemel Hempstead

Congratulations to Laura Parker from Hemel Hempstead on passing her driving test today (11th Aug 2014) in Leighton Buzzard on your second attempt. Passed with 6 driver faults “4” of which where for a development from one incident for another road user massively exceeding the speed limit but because you handled it well you only got driver faults
Like I have advised NEVER assume you have failed due to a situation, just continue to do your best and like the examiner said because of the way you handled the situation and your standard of driving he felt it right to just give driver faults. Glad you held it together and kept those nerves away this time
Take care out their !! Well Done


Yet Another First Time Pass With Learn2Drive No Gears !!!

Congratulations to my Mystery Student from Aylesbury that wishes to stay anonymous on successfully passing her driving test today in Leighton Buzzard (7th Aug 2014) with only 2 minor fault.
You done really well especially as I have never seen you as nervous, totally different to the person I was used to coaching but you pulled it back round with an excellent result

Another first for Learn2Drive No Gears !!!