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Promotional Offers Or Vouchers

Free Driving test hour until you pass with Learn2Drive No Gears

(so this is beneficial to me that you pass on your first test)


Print and cut out the voucher to use as many time as you like while you are having your Driver Training with Learn2Drive No Gears

New to driving ! Unsure if Automatic is right for you ! Not sure if you will like or get on with me !

Maybe you won’t like my coaching methods ! So Why Not Try Before You Buy !


Have a 2 hour no obligation taster session for £35 and if you continue with Learn2Drive No Gears and have not passed your theory test you will be entitled to a free book pack* to help you through the theory test available after your next fully paid 2 hour lesson. 

If you have already passed the theory test then you will be entitled to The Highway Code and Traffic Signs books to keep you up to date Please see Notes Below*


I like my students to be comfortable and happy in their lessons because this helps the learning process if they are not comfortable it takes longer and is harder to learn. It's important you feel at ease with me and the lesson. If you feel you can’t then I will refund the lesson payment in cash at the end of the lesson and you can see if there is another instructor that suits you better.

I wouldn’t want you to feel committed to further lessons, and of course if it still didn’t work out your more than welcome to come back.


*The book offer is a website only promotion so to validate the offer contact must initially be through my website contact form

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