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I Guarantee the car will be FREE to use for the test hour should you fail your First practical test with me until a pass is achieved *

(Subject to having continuing lessons with Learn2Drive so its to my benefit you pass first time)

50% Discount on a post test 2 hour motorway session*  

Special web Promotion must be claimed at commencement of first lesson


Structured lessons to suit your learning style and ability. This leads to fewer lessons being needed and a overall cost saving for you


Training by a qualified BTEC coach in “Coaching for Driver Development”  

I guarantee I will always turn up and at our arranged lesson time

Free one hour if this is not kept subject to my T&C’s 

Referral Scheme - For each referral £20 cash.

Subject to them completing a second paid standard lesson

Eco friendly driving to get the best from yourself and your car


*For new clients and must have had 20 hrs of tuition with Learn2Drive to be eligible for promotion.

I think it’s very important students feel comfortable and happy during their Driving lessons because this helps the learning process if they are not comfortable it is harder to learn which means it will take longer and cost you more. It's important you feel at ease with me and the lesson.


If you feel you can’t then I will refund the lesson payment in cash at the end of the lesson and you can see if there is another instructor that suits you better.


I wouldn’t want you to feel trapped and committed to further lessons, and of course if your new instructor still didn’t work out for you or meet your expectations then you are more than welcome to come back to Learn2Drive No Gears.

Learn2Drive No Gears Money Back Guarantee

Get the freedom that automatic driving brings

Hi, my name is Geoff

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I am a qualified BTEC Driving Coach for Driver Development and a DVSA grade "A" Registered ADI. I Specialise in Automatic Driver Training.

I have more than 40 years of accident free driving experience and 10 years delivering driver training. Deciding who you want as your driving instructor is an important decision, so please watch my video, browse my site or click here for more information. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you.

I am extremely dedicated to giving the best learning experience possible, I am patient and caring and try to cater for all our pupils needs.


Whether you are new to driving or just want to refresh on your parking through to improving your motorway driving. We are very reliable and always on time.​Remember driving should be enjoyed !!

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Lessons are structured to suit your learning style

If you want the freedom that automatic driving brings but maybe anxious or nervous to learn then you do not have to worry with Learn2Drive. 


My automatic driving lessons are structured to your learning style and ability taking in any previous experience you might already have, these are designed to achieve steady and effective progress in preparation for your driving test and to set you up to be a safer driver for life. 


Using this structured approach learning to drive could not be easier so for a patient and caring driving school serving Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas give us a call today to get you on the road for that full Licence 


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Learn at your own pace

I take pride in my extremely high pass rate and excellent reputation. My aim is to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during your driving lessons which helps the learning process. We know that learning to drive can be very daunting so your are encourage you to learn at your own pace, you will never be pushed or made to feel uncomfortable its all about the client centred approach

​Call text or email me on Call 07976 961280 for more in depth information or just a informal chat if you prefer we can arrange for me to visit first before you decide with no commitment. You can also use the messenger button on the screen. Or contact page here

Once again my name is Geoff and I look forward to hearing from you.

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